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Fantasy Art:

I've always loved art and reading. As a kid I would diligently draw pictures of what I read (mostly aviation, spaceships, and history) but in 7th grade I read my first fantasy book "The Hobbit". After that my drawings became filled with mythical creatures and strange lands. This was reinforced in collage when I started playing D&D (imagine that) and drawing my characters, but life intervened and because I had been earning money in the education market since high school my art career moved that way and with the slow passage of time many things were forgotten.  Then 5 years ago I discovered Sci/Fi Fantasy conventions and was blown away by the artwork.  All my enthusiasm about fantasy art came rushing back and I knew I would be doing a lot of this kind of art weather it made me a living or not.  All this Sci/Fi Fantasy work has been done since then and we first began mailing out to many of the U.S. conventions in 2003. It's turning out to be a grand adventure.  


"Dragon Roar"                       "Dragon in Flight"                  " Dragon Ruins"    


  "Lust for Gold"          "That Way is Shut"              "The Study"                          "The Redhorn"                  

"Frolick"                     "Reflections of the Shire"    "There and Back Again"         "Chicks"

"The Hidden City"               "The White Tower"        "Dragon Egg"                    "Beer Dragon" 


"Wine Dragon"                  "Dragon Bones"                  "Eclipse"                           "Phoenix"                  


  "Caught Bathing"              "Sword Master"                "Stream Maiden"            "Elf Maiden" 


"Unicorn Dance"           




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