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News:   Here you can get the latest on what's happening in my art life.

February 2008: I'm going to be artist guest at WillyCon 2008 April 4th through the 6th.



January 2008:  WOW! All I can say is time flies. The last couple years have seen me very busy and I have not had much time to update this page but will hopefully do better from here on out. 2006 was almost a bust for new fine art but I had more time in 2007 and produced lots of new  digital pieces and originals.

I attended Gencon and Dragoncon in 06 and 07 and had a great time.

We started mailing out more art in 07 and plan to expand even more in up coming years.

July 2005: July has me doing lot's of commercial work again and I won 2 really cool plaques from Convergence art show. Thanks a lot guys. Also I may be going to Dragoncon this year after all. I've got to do some Sci/Fi Fantasy soon. 

June 2005: Here is a drawing I did at MediawestCon and finally scanned in. I may do a painting of it later. Did lots of commercial work.


May 2005: May had me working the St. Louis Renfair. It was great, as usual, and I'd like to thank Alicia Clardy and the gang for displaying my work.  I also traveled to Michigan for MediawestCon. What a great show. Made lots of new friends and talked to many artists. We bought some wire hanging panels and used them at MediawestCon. Here's a picture of my table with the new panels on it. My wife made this outfit for me for my renfair  guest artist demo.


April 2005: April had me getting many things ready for our local Renfair. Lots of prints to make and matt. Lots of commercial work but no new sci/fi fantasy stuff. I haven't had a chance to finish my Gondolin piece but here's a sneak preview.

March 2005: March was pretty uneventful. Still catching up.

February 2005: February was full of catch-up work and influenza. I started a new piece showing the hidden city of Gondolin and finished two new digital pieces of space art.

January 2005: January was a bit of a challenge.  After record rain fall my studio started leaking and we had to fix it fast. As you can see in the pictures my sanctuary of creativity was reduced to a dirty construction site. Dust dust and more dust. Concrete dust was everywhere and it all had to be cleaned before I could get back to work. Well at least it gave us a chance to go through all our stuff and get rid of a lot of clutter.


December 2004::Christmass brought a new member to the family. Her name is May and she was an orphaned farm cat. She is well tempered and gets along great with everyone but the bird. What a surprise. Her favorite spot is next to the computer monitor where she can keep an eye on me all day long.

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