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Pet Portraits:                   

Capture the spirit and beauty of your favorite friend in an original way that will last a lifetime in people years.  Have your pet rendered by an award winning artist.  There is a wide range of pricing so you should be able to fit some artwork into any budget.

I have to work from photographs you supply to create a pet portrait so the photographs should be as clear and sharp as possible with accurate color and good detail.

Here are some tips to help you take great pictures of your pet:

If you have a telephoto lens use maximum optical zoom to lessen lens distortion.

Get close so your pet fills the frame.

Take the photos at your pet's level by putting him or her on a table or chair. 

Get someone to help hold your pets attention while you take photographs.

Outdoor lighting is best for color but avoid direct sunlight.

In addition to full body shots take some close-ups of the face for detail.

Getting clear pictures and accurate color is very important but also send pictures that really catch the spirit of your pet. 

Remember that the finished portrait depends on the quality of the photographs that you send.


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