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Astronomical Art: 

My long held respect for the modern scientific method and the dedicated people who practice it honestly is the reason I've enjoyed working in the education market so long. This appreciation also leads me to tribute those who visualize the infinite realm of ideas beyond science fact. I have a deep felt obligation to use my talents to help spread some of  this wisdom so meticulously gathered and maybe inspire other minds to stretch the current barriers of knowledge.

Currently I'm working on a scientifically accurate trip through our solar system with imagined views from all the major bodies (over 30) and a few minor ones.


"Tvashtar On Io "                 "Gliese 581c"                   Special project. "The Color of Air"

  "Ring shadow"                   "Rainbow Bay", Capitol of the Moon

"Purple Passion"                  "Mists of Titan"              "Jets of SAturn"

  "Domes"                                      "Ring Night"

  "Galactic Paradise"                       "Shepard Moons"

"Io Occults Ganymede"       "Golden Night"

"Jovian Cloudscape"                      "Saturn's Enceladas"   

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