John E Kaufmann Art

I am always humbled when people enjoy what I do. Listed below are some of the honors I have received for my artwork.

Best 2D2017SPOCON
Best Fantasy2017SPOCON
Artist Choice2017ARCHON  41
Best Professional2017ARCHON  42
Artist Choice2016ARCHON
Best Humor2014SPOCON
1ST Prize Professional Science Fiction2014CHATTACON XXXIX
Best of Show2014ARCHON
Best 2D2012SPOCON
Best Body of Work2012SPOCON
Best Fantasy2012SPOCON
Best Monochrome2012MILE HIGH CON 44
Best Science Fiction2012LEPRECON 38
Best Print or Multiple2012GENCON
Best Monochrome2012CONGLOMERATION            
3RD Place Fan Award2010SOONERCON
1st Place Color 2010NECRONOMICOM
1st Place Best Science Fiction2010LEPRECON 36
Art Show Pick2009KEY CON 26
Best Dragon2009DRAGONCON                 
Best New Artist2008KEY CON 25
Second Place Professional Fantasy2008CHATTACON XXXIII          
First Place Science Fiction2007OPUS                      
Second Place2007OASIS                     
Fans Choice2007NASFIC (Archon)           
Artist Choice2007NASFIC (Archon)           
Best By Professional2007NASFIC (Archon)           
Fans Favorits2007MILLENNICON 21            
Second Place Science Fiction2007LEPRECON 33               
Honorable Mention2006DRAGONCON                 
Best By Professional2006CAPRICON 25               
Best Science Fiction2006CAPRICON 25               
Second Place  Science Fiction2005OASIS 18                  
First Place  Science Fiction2005OASIS 18                  
Third Place Fantasy2005OASIS 18                  
Popular Award for Favorite Science Fiction Print2005MILLENNICON 19            
Best Professional Collection2005CONVERGENCE               
Best Professional Piece2005CONVERGENCE               
Fan GOH Award2005ARISIA                    
Best Use Of Humor2005ARCHON                    
Best of Show2004SHOWMECON                 
G.O.H. Don Dixon’s Choice,         Best Humor2004NORWESCON                 
Judges Choice2004LUNACON                   
Best Body of Work2004INCON                     
Best Science Fiction,         Best Color2004EERIECON SIX              
Best of Show2004DREAMCON                  
Best SF Pro2004CONSTELLATION             
Best Color2004CONDUIT 14                
1st Place Best Color,      2nd Place Best Color2004CLOVERCON                 
Artist’s Choice2004ARCHON                    
Best Concept2004ARCHON                    
Best Use 0f Humor2004ARCHON                    
Best Of Show, 2nd – Place Fantasy, 2nd – Place Sci/Fi2003XIV KHAN                  
Judges Choice2003WESTERCON 56              
Fans Choice2003STORMIECON                
Best Fantasy2003STELLAR CON               
Judges Choice,        2nd – Place Water color2003RINGCON                   
Best Artist,  Judges Choice, Directors Choice2003ORICON 25                 
Best  Computer Rendering2003JERSEY DEVIL CON          
Best Space Scene,        Most Humorous2003CRESCENT CITY CON         
3rd – Place Fantasy2003COPPERCON                 
 Best Of Show2003CONFLATION                
Domitz Award2003ARMADILLOCON              
Best Fantasy2002NTC 15                    
Best  New Artist2001NTC 14                    
Best Science Fictio2001CONGLOMERATION