John E Kaufmann Art


Why do I create art?

What’s the moving force that prompts us to make new things?

  Are we all designed to seek new things? Are we driven to do so because it’s a particularly human adaptation for survival?

  No other animal on earth seems to be filled with the desire to constantly re-examine and change the way they operate. We seem to be bursting with the desire to explore new things. At times, we even risk our incalculably unique lives to make that journey.

  We have a deep rooted need to go faster or deeper or higher or farther, to push our physical and mental systems to their very limits then thrust into the chaos of an unknown often dangerous place. If we can’t do these things ourselves then we watch with baited breath as others push themselves into the chaos, because somehow we know that from time to time we discover amazingly helpful things there.

  These new things can change and benefit the entire human race or, ironically, destroy it.

So, why do I create art?

My artwork is an amalgam of my love of science and my obsession with exploring the many worlds of the creative mind.

Space Art:

My space art is very different from the rest of my work. It almost always comes from an exploration of the same question: What would it be like to be there? Whether on the many bodies of our solar system or viewing other objects or times in the universe, the question is the same. I also love researching the latest science in order to depict a scene as accurately and realistically as possible while trying to understand and capture its unique beauty.


To me, dragons are simply chaos personified. Chaos is a necessary opposition against order. An overabundance of either order or chaos can be tragic, so both are equally important. When chaos approaches you are forced to either face it, hoping you survive and grow, or flee it, risking defeat or regret for your missed opportunity.

Chaos comes in many forms and aspects, but my utmost respect always goes to people who have faced their dragons and somehow have grown from the experience.

I love creating images of dragons in various states. Sometimes benign, existing in harmony,  other times caught in a raging fury.

Fantasy Art:

My fantasy art is usually an attempt to depict incredible places or creatures in order to set a mood. Many are pictures people have asked for, or an attempt at lighthearted fun for my family and friends.

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